Customer Experience Consultancy

Customer Experience Consultancy
Customer Feedback Automation & Real-Time Feedback Systems, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Manual design and Content Creation, Customer Process & Policy Design


Customer Feedback Automation & Real-time Feedback

In today’s busy digital world, where people are using multiple gadgets at the same time, time is of paramount significance and contemporary Shakespearian surveys and survey manuals and traditional manual intercept methodologies fail to deliver in terms of quality and quantity of feedback received. Hence automation is the key word of the century.

Traditional feedback mechanisms help us to get feedback, but is time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. Additionally such feedback takes time to get converted to actionable insights and requires more manual intervention. But today its possible to get real time data and actionable insights easily at your finger tips through feedback automation systems.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.
It may focus on a particular part of the story or give an overview of the entire experience. What it always does is identify key interactions that the customer has with the organization. It talks about the user’s feelings, motivations and questions for each of these touch points.

It often provides a sense of the customer’s greater motivation.

1. What do they wish to achieve?
2. What are their expectations of the organization?

A customer journey map takes many forms but typically appears as some type of info graphic. Whatever its form, the goal is the same: to teach organizations more about their customers. It gives managers an overview of the customer’s experience. They will see how customers move through the sales funnel. This will help them to identify opportunities to enhance the experience. The map will show how enhanced customer service can differentiate the organization’s digital experience.

A customer journey map helps to identify gaps, points in the customer experience that are disjointed or painful. Most of all, a customer journey map puts the user front and center in the organization’s thinking. It demonstrates the need for the entire organization to adapt. It encourages people across the organization to consider the user’s feelings, questions and needs. This is especially important with digital products and services and industries that have multi touch point customer processes.