Appendix B

Key Market Research & Customer Experience

Projects handled during 2015 - 2016

  • U&A, Prototype and concept testing for a new Television launch amongst existing target consumers – Gang Survey followed by FGD’s and CAPI.
  • Quarterly Online Brand tracker for a leading Air Conditioner brand .
  • Car clinic for the launch of 2 new models of a Korean automobile brand.
  • Home Visits for a leading cosmetic brand targeting women.
  • U&A study for dark chocolates amongst newly married couples.
  • Duo interviews with intended buyers, fence-sitters and owners of premium real estate properties in Dubai.
  • IDI’s with premium car owners and SUV owners.
  • CAPI with sports enthusiasts for launch of an Arabic sports channel.
  • Gang surveys with Western nationals for a leading radio station in Dubai.
  • IDI’s with oncologists for a new healthcare monitor services provider.
  • U&A for 3D projector amongst large screen intenders and current users.
  • CATI - Monthly brand tracker for a cosmetic brand amongst users of cosmetic products.